Union Victims Tell their Stories

Employees across the nation are victimized by out-of-date labor laws that ensure union power against employee rights. The Employee Rights Act will correct these abuses.

Karen Cox

Karen Cox is a lift-truck operator from Illinois who came to work one day to find out she had to pay dues to a union. Here’s why she supports requiring secret ballot votes to form a union.

David Shirey

David Shirey is a school bus driver in Pennsylvania who discovered that his union dues funded politicians and political causes that opposed his beliefs. Here’s why he wants to be able to keep his own money out of the hands of union bosses’ political cronies.

Lee Carey

Lee Carey works in the print shop for the Los Angeles Times. His union failed to keep promises of higher wages and better benefits that it made during the organizing campaign that formed it. He feels that the Employee Rights Act guarantee of periodic re-certification elections would help keep unions accountable for their promises.

Jonathan Fuller

Jonathan Fuller worked for a Bradken steel foundry in Chehalis, Washington that narrowly unionized. After years of blocking charges from the union, he finally got a vote to decertify the union, but the ballots were impounded after more union blocking charges. He agrees with the ERA’s provision that requires unions to re-certify after a majority of employees who voted on the union have transitioned out.

Mari Gusman

Mari Gusman is a caretaker for the elderly in Wisconsin. She felt her union was more interested in raising dues than representing employees, so she tried to decertify the union. After being misled to send a copy of the petition signatures to the union, the union intimidated the signers at their homes. She supports the ERA’s provisions that hold unions accountable to their membership.

Alan Harvey

Alan Harvey is a baker with an independent grocery. His store unionized a while ago under a former owner with whom the employees had grievances, but today the employees are fed up with paying union dues for representation that doesn’t help them much. He supports the ERA because it will allow employees to reassess whether the union serves their interests.