Fox News Covers the ERA

It’s been an eventful year for the Employee Rights Act (ERA). The ERA is now co-sponsored by more than 120 members of Congress—including 29 senators—and news outlets are picking up on the bill’s pro-employee reforms. The ERA has been mentioned in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, featured on, and supported by editorial boards from Washington, D.C. to Colorado and Oklahoma.

Just read the following excerpt from The Colorado Springs-Gazette:

[Republicans should] support the Employee Rights Act, a barely known federal proposal gaining traction in Congress. The law would end mandatory union enrollment and dues, protect privacy of worker-cast ballots in union elections, and prevent intimidation of employees. It would place working Americans ahead of union-financed political agendas.

Cable news networks are now catching on. Richard Berman, executive director of the Center for Union Facts, recently appeared on Fox News Channel’s America’s News HQ to discuss the need for labor reform.

See the full interview here:

It’s time for Congress to act. Working Americans deserve the ERA.