ERA Endorsements Pick Up Steam

The Employee Rights Act (ERA) is making a name for itself in the nation’s capital. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) recently endorsed the bill, stating that it “provides numerous protections to workers across the country” and “would strengthen worker freedom at the federal level.”

AFP is not alone: More than 115 members of Congress have co-sponsored the ERA. They include Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who have repeatedly praised the legislation on the campaign trail.

Newspapers around the country are also urging legislators who haven’t signed on yet to support the ERA’s key provisions—which include secret ballot union elections, an employee privacy guarantee, and the federal criminalization of union violence. Virginia’s Daily News-Record wrote that Congress “must make passing this measure a priority,” while the Colorado Springs Gazette argued the ERA “would place working Americans ahead of union-financed political agendas.”

Working Americans certainly agree: The bill’s key provisions register 80 percent approval in recent polls, including those in union and non-union households. The federal criminalization of union violence, for example, is supported by almost 90 percent of union households.

The time for labor reform has come—and America is taking notice.