Employee Rights Act Means More Jobs for Americans

This op-ed column was originally published at Robesonian.com

By Richard Hudson

In order to revive our economy and the entrepreneurial spirit that helped make America great, we need to give workers a fair shot. Unfortunately, too many folks are still looking for full-time jobs that can pay the bills, and it’s due in part to President Barack Obama’s labor policies that promote unions, impede workers’ rights, and damage our economy.

Like you, I have watched in dismay as the National Labor Relations Board has made it easier for unions to bully their way into the workplace. Like you, I am outraged that five unelected bureaucrats authorized micro-unions to overrule employees’ decision when the majority of folks say “no union.” Micro-unions fragment an employer’s workforce. Negotiating with one union, not to mention multiple, increases costs and makes it more difficult for businesses to grow — killing jobs for hardworking Americans.

Despite Washington’s efforts to stack the cards against us, North Carolina is ranked fourth in economic outlook. We’re a “right-to-work” state with the lowest union membership out of all 50 states at 1.9 percent and a pro-business model that stands in stark contrast to this administration’s policies. I use our policies as a guide in Congress to fight regulations that prevent American businesses from growing and creating jobs.

The Employee Rights Act, which I have co-sponsored, is an important first step to combat the administration’s harmful policies and obtain meaningful economic growth. This legislation will empower individual workers to take control of unionization decisions, putting workers’ rights first. The Employee Rights Act guarantees supervised secret ballot elections for unionization, creates penalties for unions that coerce or intimidate employees, and requires periodic recertification of unionization decisions so that employees today are not bound to decisions made in 1950.

Maybe most importantly, the Employee Rights Act dismantles the influence unions hold over too many of our elected officials by restricting the union’s ability to spend dues without members’ permission. Congress first addressed this nearly 70 years ago, but unions still use dues without permission to support political agendas. This unsolicited use is not only subversive to members, but is also an abuse of power.

It is time for Congress to help chart a new pro-business course away from this administration’s burdensome policies so that Americans can get back to work. The Employee Rights Act will help give control back to employees and away from self-serving unions. At the end of the day, that means more good-paying jobs right here at home.

Richard Hudson represents North Carolina’s 8th District in the U.S. House, which includes most of Robeson County.